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Revital Ice Cryotherapy Center is San Diego’s ultimate revitalization, rejuvenation, and rehabilitation center. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance, recover from strenuous workouts, speed up the healing of an injury, or are seeking total relaxation, we’ve got a solution that will quickly help you reach your goals. Revital Ice Cryotherapy Center features the latest technology to help heal and quickly restore you to a more relaxed, energized, youthful state.

Supercharge Recovery

Speed up recovery from workouts and injuries!

Boost Metabolism

Burn calories, increase your energy levels, and flatten your stomach!

Vitality Enhanced

Strengthen your immune system and shield your health!

Where people come first

We take pride in delivering friendly service, a clean facility, and low prices. Our goal is to make recovery technologies used by professional athletes and celebrities available to everyone.

Latest in Technology Rejuvination

Unleash the power of sub-zero cryotherapy. Whether to speed up recovery from an injury, or increase collagen production in your face to reduce fine lines, come see what localized cryotherapy can do for you!

Always there to care.

Working Hours

10 AM - 7:30 PM
10 AM - 5 PM
9 AM - 4 PM
9 AM - 12PM

Start your rejuvenation process and begin to feel all the amazing benefits!

Customer Reviews

I ran a marathon yesterday and I needed muscle recovery and repair so I thought about cryotherapy which was highly recommended by my daughter! Brian was helpful and knowledgeable in the benefits and expectations since it's my first time. I loved the experience and will definitely be back to try their other services ! This is so convenient to me and close to home !

Gerrie H.

El Cajon, CA


This place has been vital to my training and recovery. I have used both services of the Cryo and compression and have been impressed with the results. Juan is extremely knowledgeable about which services work for your body, training, and lifestyle! Prices are extremely reasonable, and most important parking is easy!!! They also serve fitaid!!!!!!

Hannibal S.

San Diego, CA

Start your rejuvenation process and begin to feel all the amazing benefits!