Flotation FAQ's - Revital Ice
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Flotation FAQ’s

San Diego Flotation Therapy | Experience Weightlessness In Float Pod

Though it’s been around for a long time, Flotation Therapy is still relatively new to our hectic modern lives. We get a lot of questions and thought it might be helpful to list them here. If we haven’t covered a question you have, be sure to ask us before your float!

How do you keep the water clean?

We employ stringent health and safety regulations at Revital Ice. The water in our float tank is extremely clean — in fact, it’s cleaner than the water in a swimming pool or hot tub! The high concentration of salt creates a sterile environment in which microorganisms cannot survive.  Our flotation pods also include high-tech sterilization systems which filter and sanitize the water between each float.

Finally, we require all of our clients to thoroughly shower on-site before entering the float tank. We add a small amount of bromine, a swimming pool chemical, as an additional sanitizing agent.

Revital Ice team members test the water every day for bromine, pH, and temperature. Salt concentrations are also tested and maintained at a consistent level. We also have our water periodically tested by an outside source, just to be sure there are no microorganisms in our system.

We strive to have the cleanest, safest environment for the enjoyment of our guests.

What do I wear when I float?

Our guests are required to a baiting suit when floating.

We also require you to shower before entering the float pod, so that your skin is free from lotions, perfumes, and other chemicals. Our shower room is private, for your comfort and convenience.

Will I be bored or scared in a float pod?

Anyone who floats regularly will tell you how completely comfortable and deeply relaxed they feel while floating. You’ll be as close as possible to the experience of weightlessness, and you will not feel like you are confined in a tight space.

For your comfort, you can choose to have the soft pod lights on, or off.

And while you float, you’ll find your mind clear… you can meditate, think about life, or just relax and go with the flow. Boredom will not be something you entertain!

What if I'm claustrophobic!?

Many people who float are claustrophobic! Our float pods are roomy enough for people over 6’10” tall. It’s like lying in a big, over-sized, comfortable bed.

You can sit up inside of a float pod and the soft interior light controls are easily accessible from inside, giving you total control of your environment.

And you can step out of the pod at any time.

We want your experience to be blissfully peaceful. If you’re not sure of how you will feel, be sure to let one of our helpful team members know and we will check in on you during your float.

What if I can’t swim?

Floating doesn’t require any swimming skills. And it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, you will float!

Is the float experience private?

Yes, your float pod is located in your own individual room. Nobody will enter your room while your float is in session (unless you ask us to check on you).

Will I be wrinkled like a prune when I'm done?

No. The water in your float tank contains high Epsom salt levels, so it will not rob your skin of salt (which is what leaves you wrinkled after a swim in a chlorinated pool or soaking in your bathtub.

Because of the high volume of salt in the float pod, when you’re done floating, your skin will feel soft and silky.

Am I locked in the pod?

No. When you float, you will have complete control over your environment throughout your session.

The pod door simply pushes open.

Also, a switch located inside of the pod gives you complete control of your lighting.

Will it affect my hair treatment?

We recommend that you postpone your float if you’ve had your hair colored within 48 hours.

Also, if you’ve had a hair straightening treatment (for example, a keratin treatment), or if you wear extensions, you should not float because the Epsom salts will disrupt your hair treatment.

Can I bring a friend?

It’s great to have someone to talk with about your flotation experience! At this time, we have just one float pod. This pod is meant to float just one person at a time.

Let us know that you want to float with your friends and we will do our best to accommodate back-to-back experiences for you. And while you’re waiting for your friend, you might want to try one of our other services! We offer package deals that save you money, too.

Start your rejuvenation process and begin to feel all the amazing benefits!